• Redemption Please

    What drives us? There are many frameworks that attempt to understand the motivating principles that animate us: biology, evolution, psychology, sociology, religion, philosophy. Each advances a conception of what it means to be human: flesh, machine, mind, soul, consciousness, freedom.  A thousand paths to the self. A thousand tools to excavate it.

    I was recently asked in an interview with Axiom News to describe what drove me in the work I did. The answer came quickly. Among other things, I want redemption. I want redemption for being born with traits I didn’t earn and which bring me privileges. I want redemption for squandering them. I want redemption for my foolishness, my pettiness, my selfishness, my offenses. I want redemption because I could be better man, but I am not. I want redemption because sometimes it is impossible to be a better man.

    (Would that I were made from Play-Doh and could be shaped into anything).

  • On Fragility

    There is something beautiful about fragility. And terrifying.

    The longer one looks, the more one sees the tender underpinnings to gestures. The smile. The gait. The sneer. Each of them asks the question: Do I matter?

    Don’t be deceived by swagger, it is a soul hastening to answer the question for itself.
    Don’t be deceived by the shrug, it is a soul swallowing the question.
    Don’t be deceived by fury, it is a soul resisting the question.

    It’s heartbreaking. And beautiful. And everywhere. We are steeped in it. Do you see it? Who can judge anymore?